Huikuri Productions is a Finland based production company providing its services worldwide. We are passionate about filming and we want to push the boundaries on what can be done with today’s technology. Camera movement is our expertise.




We provide professional aerial cinematography services for your productions, whether it is feature films, music videos, commercials or anything else that needs that kind of special aerial angle.


We are flying with the latest Freefly multicopter ALTA equipped with Freefly MõVI M15. The setup is able to fly cameras up to approx. 4,5 kg. Camera can be set up on top of the copter as well as traditionally to the bottom.


We offer a full package to our clients including the pilot, camera operator/technician, a RED Raven camera, lenses and insurance.


Need help with your project? If your production needs a camera operator or for example a MõVI operator with its own gear and knowledge, we are here to help you! We also operate with a stabilized camera system that can be rigged to a car, boat or a cross-country vehicle to get smooth camera movements on any terrain.


Our team is able to produce your video from script to screen. We have experience in doing documentaries, music videos, commercials, corporate, event and extreme sports videos. Our versatile network with a number of skilled people is at your service enabling even bigger productions.



Showreel 2018

Mercedes-Benz The Race Day-series

production company - Long Story Short

vehicle - Cine Truck/Citius Imaging/Huikuri Productions

Cine Truck - Citius Imaging/Huikuri Productions

Keko Salata - Skifii

production company - Kudos Collective

movi/vehicle - Huikuri Productions

Freefly Alta & Red Raven Promo

production company - Huikuri Productions

Liikennevirasto - Tervetuloa huominen

production company - Smile Audiovisual

aerials/movi - Huikuri Productions

Tattoo artist Jouni Tsutsunen

production company - Huikuri Productions

Blockfest 2016 After Movie

production company - Time Films

aerials/movi shots - Huikuri Productions

SM-Motocross goes California

production company - Huikuri Productions

Adored Once Too - Thy Empire Is Murder

production company - Huikuri Productions

Axel Thesleff - Bad Karma

production company - Time Films

aerials - Huikuri Productions

Markku - Ei mennä

production company - Time Films

aerials - Huikuri Productions

Snowcross SM 2016

production company - Huikuri Productions

Metsähallitus - Lauhanvuori Region Geopark project

production company - Huikuri Productions

Motocross SM 2016 Trailer

production company - Huikuri Productions

Chisu - Tuu mua vastaan

production company - Time Films

aerials - Huikuri Productions



CEO, partner


“I’m a filmer and a tech enthusiast with know-how of utilizing latest camera and drone technology. In each production I want to provide a fresh view on what we are doing. My idea of working: If it’s worth doing, let’s do it properly!”



“My passion is editing. I think incomparable footage with the rhythm of the edit supporting a good story are the keys to create interesting material. I’m also the chief pilot of our multicopters.”




Tehtaankatu 25, 00150 HELSINKI




Joonas Huikuri - - +358 40 840 8327


Eemil Huikuri - - +358 40 820 6321

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